Better English for Better Business

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What we do?

We know you don't have perfect English. We know it is really hard to translate to a foreign language. We know Google Translate is not the way!

That's what we are here to do.

At, we take your English language company profiles and product descriptions and put the finishing touches to them. We make them sound as if they have been written by a native English speaker.

This ensures that you are showing yourself in the best manner to your potential clients.

Let us help you get more interest and more sales because Better English means Better Business.

What to do?

Simply use the contact form below to send us the current English version of the text and we will return the new-and-improved version to you as soon as possible.

How much?

We charge a very reasonable flat rate of only EUR 5 (approximately CNY 38) for up to 200 words. Discounts can be most definitely be agreed for larger volumes of work. Payments will be via payPal.